Americans not concerned about legal immigration, poll finds

Potential 2016 Republicans presidential candidate Scott Walker recently raised the possibility of limiting legal immigration to the United States. However, while immigrants now make up the highest percentage (13%) of the U.S. population since before WWI, a YouGov poll has found that most Americans don’t consider legal immigration a problem:

YouGov’s latest research shows that most Americans do not think that the current level of legal immigration is too high. Only 28% say that legal immigration is currently too high, while 35% say that it is about right and 17% say that legal immigration into the United States is too low.

Republicans (39%) are the most likely to say that legal immigration is too high, but even among them most (53%) say that current levels are about right (41%) or too low (12%). Regionally, the West (23%) is the least likely to say that legal immigration is too high, while the South (31%) is the most likely.

Additionally, 36% of Americans believe that immigration makes the U.S. a better place, while 25% say it makes the country worse. Another 24% said it doesn’t make a difference either way.