American Conservative Journalist Detained by Feds at Border

Seems the Feds only want to detain people who publicize TSA shortcomings. In response to conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe’s brief documentary released last August, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents have decided to detain him every time he crosses onto American soil from a foreign country.

O’Keefe’s August video, published exclusively at the time by The Daily Caller, showed the conservative filmmaker freely crossing back and forth between the United States and Mexico dressed as Osama bin Laden, to make a point about Islamic radicals being able to pour onto domestic U.S. soil.

O’Keefe posted a photo of his passport papers to his twitter @JamesOKeefeIII with the caption, “PICTURE: this is the “X” they put on my passport document before they detained me.”

Here is the picture:

okeefe twitter