American bravery is timeless. Go Army! Brave Soldiers Received the Purple Heart Today at Mount Vernon.
Every year, Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington hosts a Purple Heart ceremony in commemoration of the U.S. Army’s birthday at the home of the Army’s very first commander. The tradition honors one that began with George Washington himself.
In 1782, General George Washington became the first commanding officer to recognize soldiers with an award issued regardless of rank called the Badge of Military Merit The badge, made of purple silk and silver thread, was fashioned into the shape of a heart. In 1932, this award was renewed as the Purple Heart that we know and respect today which features Washington’s bust and his family coat of arms.The Minuteman Project proudly sends its congratulations to the mighty United States Army on the 240th anniversary of its founding. We salute the men and women who have served this nation and especially commend those who are injured, or who paid the ultimate price for our nation. 

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