Dear Americans,
If we are to truly herald our country as a nation of laws, then it is imperative that we actually enforce our laws. I see no issue whatsoever with repatriating back to their homelands the millions (currently over 30 million) of illegal aliens now occupying U.S. territory, in blatant defiance of our laws, .
Anything less than earnest enforcement of our immigration laws would render the “rule of law” meaningless. The consequence will be that the “rule of law,” in general, would apply only to those persons gullible enough, naive enough, or downright stupid enough to obey any laws.
It is well within the purview of a civilized society, governed by its citizens under the rule of law, to expect the deportation of all those in the USA illegally.
It is equally fair to stop the illegal and reckless granting of citizenship to anyone who is born on U.S. territory whose mother is an illegal alien…essentially putting an end to “anchor baby” statuses.
There are two ways for foreign powers to invade and seize a nation: by military invasion with bayonets fixed and guns blazing, or, by the steady overwhelming and invasive transfer of foreign populations into the host country (the USA).
The United States of America is the victim of the latter type of invasion.

Sometimes, it takes a moderate form of nationalism (not to be falsely referred to as fascism) to guarantee the continuation of a nation’s traditional sovereignty, culture, language, customs, and historical common bonds.

It is also an effective way to keep elements like ANTI-FA from taking dominion over one’s country.
Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
-a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-