Amazing Images of Illegals Openly Carrying Guns, Drugs Across Border

The Texas Department of Public Safety has just released a set of shocking photos taken by remote cameras which show illegals openly crossing the Southern Border carrying firearms and drugs.

Operation Drawbridge, a joint effort of the Texas Department of Public Safety and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is the name given to a series of camera installed along a 1,200 mile  stretch of border which is mostly undefended.

Authorities in Texas say they don’t have the manpower to blanket the entire southern border with personal. Instead, they rely on Operation Drawbridge cameras to alert them to individuals crossing the border. Law enforcement is then deployed to the scene.


“Every day, sheriff’s deputies, police officers, Border Patrol agents and state law enforcement officers in the Texas border region risk their lives to protect Texas and the entire nation from Mexican cartels and transnational crime,” Texas DPS director Steven McCraw said. “This innovative use of technology has proven to be a force multiplier in detecting the smuggling attempts along the border, which is critical to interdicting criminal activity occurring between the ports of entry.”

The ease with which Mexican drug cartels can move drugs and weapons across the border makes the recent leak about ISIS camps 8 miles from the border an even greater threat.  It’s clear the border is less secure than ever thanks to Barack Obama willful disregard for Border Security and now Americans may pay the ultimate price for that political decision.