AFL-CIO to help illegals take advantage of Obama’s amnesty

The AFL-CIO, the largest labor organization in the United States, has officially launched a national program — called “We Rise!” — designed specifically to help illegals take advantage of protections under Barack Obama’s executive order on amnesty:

The AFL-CIO on Tuesday in Washington began preparing representatives who have arrived from all over the country to support and teach undocumented workers how to request protection under Deferred Action, or DACA, for children born in the United States and under DAPA for parents of permanent residents.

The expansion of DACA and the entry into force of DAPA have been temporarily blocked by a Texas judge, although the U.S. government says it is confident that immigrants’ applications will be able to be processed soon after appeals are presented. The plan could benefit some five million undocumented foreigners.

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka opened the three-day event by saying that the union wants to end the exploitation of immigrant workers who are vulnerable due to their irregular situation and to welcome them to the “house of labor.”

Trumka added, “The voices against immigration reform, if you brush everything else aside, are really colored by bigotry.”