Breitbart — MCALLEN, Texas — Two men are expected to face capital murder charges for the shooting death of a U.S Border Patrol agent who was fishing with his family. On Sunday night, off-duty agent Javier Vega was fishing with his family in secluded spot in the south eastern part of the county near the rural community of Santa Monica, just east of Lyford Texas when the shooting occurred. Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence told Breitbart Texas that the shooting was the result of a robbery gone wrong. “We’ve had similar cases of robbery in the nearby county of Cameron where suspects fire off a couple of rounds into the air to scare their victims and tell them to hand over their keys, wallet and other valuables leaving them stranded,” Spence said. In the case of Vega, the two men drove by apparently scoping out the area and then came back for the robbery firing several rounds into the air. [Read More]