18 Los Zetas Drug Cartel Thugs Found Guilty

18 members of the infamous Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel have been found guilty of a wide variety of charges stemming from the massive drug and money laundering operation they ran between Texas and Mexico.Los-Zetas-e1443133204318

The organization was led by Erasmo Abdon “El Cuate” Trejo-Nava who was described by prosecutors as the leader of the Laredo based group. Trejo Nava was one of the primary marijuana transporters for Los Zetas in Nuevo Laredo.

Using commercial trucks and tractor trailers, the group would move multi-ton quantities of marijuana from Laredo to Dallas and move bulk cash from Dallas to Laredo and then into Mexico. The group also used various business fronts to launder drug proceeds by buying real state in Laredo, the information revealed.

The group used various stash houses and business fronts in Laredo to receive and prepare the drugs. The moving of the drugs within Laredo was carried out using personal vehicles. Once the drugs were re-packaged at stash house, the bundles were marked for identification purposes once they arrived in Dallas.

Their drug trafficking was made easier by President Obama’s virtual neglect of border security with Mexico.