11 Illegal immigrants found hiding among onion sacks in Texas

Austin, United States, Jul 3 (EFE).- U.S. border patrol officers Thursday arrested 11 illegal immigrants, hiding among sacks of onions in the trailer of a truck, traveling through southern Texas, near the Mexican border.

“Upon further inspection, agents found 11 undocumented immigrants concealed between pallets of onions with no means of escape in the event of an emergency,” the Border Patrol said in a statement without revealing the nationality of the immigrants.

A patrol dog alerted the officers of possible irregularities in the truck, prompting an inspection.

The driver of the vehicle, a U.S. citizen, was also arrested.

The incident occurred at the Falfurrias checkpoint, one of the points where the U.S. Border Patrol is stationed within the country, to detect illegal activities. EFE


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