American Sovereignty threatened by UN Human Rights Commission

UnknownOh, dear Lord, the United Nations is now embedding itself in our nation’s capital. Yet another attack on our sovereignty from the “One-Worlders.”

Right now, the United Nations human rights agency is creating a new “regional hub” for itself in Washington, to use as a center for organizing against American practices like the death penalty.  It will also start to protest our legal frameworks, policies, and the strategies employed by American counterterrorism. Naturally the Obama Administration is all over this move. While he despises Congress and the Constitution he loves the idea of a supra-national body full of despots and terrorists telling America how to handle its affairs.

The fast-tracked human rights “hub” also has a number of more nebulous “thematic” objectives for the U.S., which include, according to an OHCHR information document, “the establishment of national participatory bodies for reporting and implementing recommendations of human rights mechanisms” and the aim of “widening the democratic space” with the aid of undefined “National Human Rights Institutions.” Fox

The document outlining it all is included below.