The Minuteman Project was founded many years ago. Since then we’ve been active on the U.S./Mexican border; running volunteer scout patrols and offering assistance to the great folks who serve in the U.S. Border Patrol. As a former Marine and a Purple Heart recipient I’m no stranger to a fight but I must say, I’m very glad to have you by my side.

We run a very aggressive Citizen Activism wing here at The Minuteman Project. As a member, we’ll send you updates on our protests, lobbying efforts, grassroots activism and media coverage.

And believe me, we’re going to call on you to help. There will be Senators and Representatives to contact, petitions to sign, surveys to be taken, polls to be recorded, ads to be bought — and much, much more. We know we can rely on you at this important time for our nation.

Please complete the form below. We shall contact you via email when we need assistance with grassroots Activist actions. Thank you for your support.

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