Audio Reports

Jim Gilchrist, founder and president of the Minuteman Project, is doing all he can to spread the word about his citizen-backed effort to secure America’s southern border. Listen to his most recent radio and podcast interviews below:

The Cindy Graves Show

Pastor Greg Young

The Thom Hartmann Program, August 13, 2014

The Dan Cofall Show, Monday, 8/11/14, hour 2

Jim Gilchrist on the Schilling Show

KPBS – Mexico Forges Ahead With New Migration Policy

KPBS – Tijuana Plaza Becomes Haven For Deported Migrants

KBSU – Drug Cartels Thrive on Ultimate Consumers: Addicts

KBSU – Law Enforcement, Truckers Try to Keep Ahead of Smugglers.

KPBS – Technology May Speed Traffic at U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing in San Ysidro.

KPBS – San Diego Biggest Entry Point For Mexican Meth.

Laura Ingraham – Patrick J. Buchanan discusses the GOP and Amnesty.

KPBS – Citizenship Status Could Be Delayed By Texas Senator’s Amendment.

KPBS – Highlights From ‘The State Of The Border Report’.

KPBS – Senate immigration bill calls for a drone-patrolled border, but can this really work?

NPR – Immigration Reform Amendments Target Border Security.

KPBS – Border Security, Drug Wars, Immigration — Obama’s Trip To Mexico.

KPBS – Customs and Border Protection Agency postpones forced employee furloughs.

KPBS – Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) creates immigration reform litmus test.

KPBS – Lobbying dollars fly in immigration reform debate with tech industry a major player.

KPBS – New computer system will guide ICE officers in determining detentions.

KPBS – Visa overstays present challenge for immigration reform.

KPBS – Release of ICE detainees draws mixed reaction.