Take Action

Action ItemsAlthough no immigration bill has yet been presented to the President for signature, things are moving quickly in Congress toward an amnesty for the 11 million people who are here illegally.

Some groups fighting illegal immigration expect that once the public learns the details of such proposals, it will become readily apparent that they will not fix our broken immigration system. Overwhelming negative response, they claim, will ensure the failure of immigration reform the way it did in 2007.

The Minuteman Project will not be lulled into complacency by relying on past history to bail us out. Too much is at stake. Many in Congress are tripping all over themselves to outdo each other in their support of amnesty.

So we need make our views known now. Here are some suggestions you can act upon immediately:

  • Call or write your U.S. Senators and Representative to let them know your concerns about this latest attempt at amnesty.
  • Write a “letter to the editor” for publication in your local newspaper.
  • Make your voice heard by calling in to a news talk radio or television program to express your views.
  • Let your friends and relatives know of the Minuteman Project website so they can stay informed. Encourage them to act.
  • Arrange a meeting in your community or on your college campus with Minuteman Project founder and president Jim Gilchrist as the speaker. Jim does not charge a fee.
  • Finally, please donate to the Minuteman Project to help us bring national awareness to the illegal alien invasion.

These are simple yet effective ways to help quash the amnesty fervor that seems to have gripped Washington. If we cannot bring ourselves to do these simple things, we may find ourselves inadequately prepared to deal effectively on this issue as the momentum for amnesty continues to build.