King: Lax Immigration Enforcement Put “Three in the Morgue in Des Moines”

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Subject: King: Lax Immigration Enforcement Put “Three in the Morgue in Des Moines”
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King: Lax Immigration Enforcement Put “Three in the Morgue in Des Moines”
Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King releases this video of comments he made today regarding yesterday’s triple-murder in Des Moines, Iowa.  A twice-deported illegal alien has been arrested and charged with the murders. Not only has the accused killer been deported twice before, but news reports indicate that he has a prior federal conviction and that he already faced charges arising from a hit-and-run in May.
The triple murders in Des Moines are tragic, and the sadness of the event is compounded by the fact that they coincide with the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Mollie Tibbets, an Iowan who was also killed by an illegal alien living in her community.
As King states: “There are thousands of graves across this countryside that are there because we didn’t enforce immigration law. If they are unlawfully present in America, and we enforce the law, they are not there to kill Americans or any of God’s children that would exist here in the United States.”
To watch Congressman King’s remarks, click the image above or this link .
Additional Excerpts:
“On this day, we look back at the tragedy from yesterday in Des Moines, where charges have been brought against an illegal alien for triple homicide of a mother, an 11 year old girl, and a five year old boy that would be alive today if we didn’t have sanctuary policies and if we enforced immigration laws evenly and steadily across the board. “
. . .
“This individual, that had been twice deported, convicted of at least one federal charge, and facing a hit-and-run charge and about three other charges in Iowa just as recently as last May, must have been released onto the streets because he wasn’t turned over to ICE or they would have deported him then.”
. . .
“It’s a sad day. We’re at this place because of the politics that have been pulling us apart in this country, the people who just reject the Rule of Law. Donald Trump was elected because he stood up and said, ‘I will defend the Rule of Law, I will secure the border, I will build a wall, and we’ll enforce immigration law across this country’.”
. . .
“It’s time to come together. It’s time to restore the respect for the Rule of Law, secure the border, and enforce the law internally so that we can save the lives that are at risk today.”
Criminal actions by illegal aliens are 100% preventable crimes. In the prior Congress, the House of Representatives passed the following King bills ( No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, Sarah’s Law- named for Sarah Root, and Kate’s Law- named for Kate Steinle) that seek to strengthen immigration enforcement in the United States and defend against these kind of senseless deaths. Regrettably, the legislation was not advanced by the United States Senate, and the failure of the Congress to act further on them should weigh on our consciences.
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