As Breitbart reports, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump expressed agreement with changing the legal immigration system away from a family-based system and towards a merit-based system on Saturday’s “Larry Kudlow Show.”

Kudlow asked Trump: “In your view, can we fix the system in many ways, one way would be, instead of having a family-based system, why can’t we do it on the basis of education, of their potential contributions to America, you know, have a different criteria, completely?”

Trump responded, “Oh, I agree. Look, I’m all for that, sure, sure. Well, how about, when they go to Harvard, and they’re number one in their class and they get thrown out of the country. They can’t stay. How about that? No, I don’t want them to go, I want them to stay. I want those people to stay. We need them for Silicon Valley. We need them all over, Larry.”