The erasing of any reference to Proposition 187

Commentary from Minuteman Project President Jim Gilchrist

Dear Americans,

The erasing of any reference to Proposition 187 is simply part of an overall sinister ploy by sinister people to overwhelm the United States with illegal aliens. Soon, the same mean-spirited, incurable haters of America will also attempt to rewrite the annals of recorded history to fit an historical and propagandized scenario of what “they” think our history should have been. After all, the first casualty of propaganda is the truth.

There are two ways to seize a country: by an invasion of military might, with guns blazing and bayonets fixed. Or, by the literal transfer of an invading nation’s population into the target nation (the United States) in an ongoing, covert attempt to overwhelm the target nation by sheer numbers. The United States is the victim of the latter method of conquest.

All persons in the United States illegally should be immediately repatriated back to their homelands, and they should apply for legal entry into the USA like the millions of “legal” immigrants who have preceded them.

All that is needed are national and state leaders who want to provide for the betterment of our society and who want our country to remain governed under the rules of law…a talent not seen in the White House since President Dwight Eisenhower, or in the two chambers of Congress since 1952 – 1960.

The message being sent by the illegal alien population in the USA is that our country is no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of “mob rule,” with the mob being the approximately 30 million illegal aliens currently occupying U.S. territory in blatant defiance of U.S. laws.

I doubt that a civil war will ensue when Obama arbitrarily, and in deliberate usurpation of the rule of law common to tyranny, orders an amnesty for these unwelcome illegal aliens.

However, if violence on a massive scale does break out, I will be helpless to stop it. Nor will I do anything to stop it. Such is the consequence of a nation that devolves from adherence to rules of law into the anarchy of lawlessness.

For the unwanted millions of illegal aliens here, the United States may be “their” country now. But, the political pandering to that protected population block of prospective voters by predominantly the Democrat Party and some of the Republican Party has left the rest of us “real” citizens feeling like an American without a country.

I told you so.

An American Without A Country,