Commentary by Jim Gilchrist

Dear Americans,

There is something you should know about the sinister use of our court system by persons with evil intentions to attempt to destroy someone they hate.
I am extremely skeptical of the veracity of the charges lodged against Texas Governor Rick Perry.
From my own experience, I can testify to the fact that sinister persons routinely file criminal complaints and civil suits against persons or organizations they have targeted for political assassination and destruction.
In my case, a civil suit was filed against me and the Minuteman Project by persons who attempted to hijack,disrupt and destroy my organization.  They simultaneously sent press releases to media outlets across the nation claiming I had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars and was defrauding the government, the public, and that criminal charges should be brought against me.
I faced off with those individuals in California Superior Court and virtually put their lives into a well-deserved tailspin.  The judge overseeing their case threw them and their case out the door and fully exonerated me and the Minuteman Project of “any wrongdoing.”
Then, one of those same persons, apparently in a desperate attempt to get revenge, fabricated a criminal complaint against me and 31 other individuals and organizations from coast to coast that supported immigration law enforcement.
From November of 2009 through October of 2012 the Dept. of Justice conducted a covert, three-year investigation of all of the 32 defendants in the complaint, without our knowledge, which probably included secret access (via undisclosed subpoenas) to all of our bank accounts, our personal lives, our mail, and the tapping of our telephones, etc.
A district judge in Los Angeles got a hold of the case and tossed that one out, too…again because there was “no indication or evidence of any wrongdoing” by any of the 32 defendants.
The suits and investigations were frivolous and they apparently were filed by persons who hated me so much they were willing to do anything to disrupt me, my associates, and several organizations across the country that supported my efforts to bring our nation’s immigration policy back under the rule of law.
In my opinion, Governor Rick Perry has become the target of villainous persons from an opposing political party (Democratic Party) who have also found that they can frivolously exploit our nation’s judicial system to wreak havoc on the Governor’s office in Texas.   I stand behind the lone-star state’s Governor and hope his unfortunate experience of being targeted by witch hunters does not deter his ambition to seek a nomination as a candidate for president in 2016.

The atrocious conduct by the persons responsible for this reckless abuse of our legal system should be classified as criminal, and those who engage in this reprehensible activity should be prosecuted accordingly.  Otherwise, our judicial system will become as hollow and meaningless as our immigration laws have become.
Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

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