Ted Cruz: Why Should The United States NOT Enforce Our Laws

GOP Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz asks the question immigration patriots have asked for years: Why should the United States not enforce our laws?

He asks the question directly to Jorge Ramos, an illegal immigration zealot who challenged Cruz on the issue in a recent interview.

“I think rule of law matters,” the Texas Republican said on Tuesday’s edition of Fusion TV’s “America with Jorge Ramos.”


After the two volleyed the immigration issue back and forth, presidential candidate Cruz asked Ramos — an open advocate of legalizing the millions of illegals currently in the country — what happen to an American who crossed illegally into Mexico.


When Ramos admitted that Mexican authorities the American would be deported, Cruz slammed the ball for the win.


“So why should the United States not enforce our laws?” Cruz asked.


You can see the entire 18 minute interview below: