Ted Cruz: Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Illegals

U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz re-introduced legislation to require minimum sentences for illegals who re-enter the United States.Ted Cruz

Also known as “Kate’s Law” after Kathryn Steinle, the young woman gunned down by a repeat illegal alien felon in San Francisco earlier this year, aspects of Cruz’s legislation were part of the “Sanctuary Cities” legislation blocked by Senate Democrats.

“This ought to be a clear choice: With whom do you stand? I hope my colleagues in the Senate will support this bill and stand with the American people – the people we should be protecting – rather than convicted felons like the murderer of Kate Steinle,” Cruz, a Republican candidate for president, said Thursday.

Cruz placed the bill on the Senate calendar so it can be brought up at any time with unanimous consent.

In recent months, the House passed legislation to restrict funding to sanctuary jurisdictions. The Senate attempted similar, but more expansive legislation this week. Senate Democrats, however, filibustered the bill. Cruz has suggested that that legislation be attached to a must-pass bill.

“The policies of the Obama Administration and sanctuary jurisdictions across our country are inexcusable, and they are a threat to the safety of the American people,” Cruz said.