Obama Gave Out Over Half a Million SSN’s to Illegals

Half a million illegal aliens now have Social Security numbers thanks to President Obama’s Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program. In a letter to Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Ben Sasse (R-NE), exclusively obtained by Breitbart News, the Social Security Administration (SSA) reveals that by the end of Fiscal Year 2014 the Obama administration “had issued […]

Illegals Say They are 112, Social Security Buys It

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has 6.5 million Social Security numbers on file for people over 112 years old many of which are now being used by illegal immigrants to game the Social Security system. The best estimate is that there are only 35 people in the whole world who are 112 years old or […]

Feds Hit “Maternity Tourism” Industry

ICE agents took a break from ignoring illegal immigrants pouring over the Southern Border yesterday and went after “maternity tourism” schemes in California. Federal agents raided about 20 Southern California locations on Tuesday suspected of involvement in “maternity tourism” schemes offering travel and lodging services to pregnant foreign women seeking to give birth in the […]