Your State CAN Pass Laws Aimed at Illegal Aliens

Texas Deputy Attorney General Brantley Starr told the Texas legislature that is was possible to enact legislation that would pass Constitutional muster and still address the illegal immigration crisis. Since Barack Obama refuses to enforce federal immigration law, the consequences have fallen to states especially border states like Texas and Arizona. These states have tried […]

DHS Nabs 8 Syrians Sneaking Across the Border

The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed they have detained 8 Syrians who were trying to illegally enter the United States earlier this week. The information was leaked since the Obama Administration wants to keep a lid on any potentially dangerous stories about illegal immigrants out of the news. Two federal agents operating under the umbrella […]

Texas Governor Cracks Down on Sanctuary City Dallas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened to cut off state funds for the city of Dallas unless the sheriff complies with federal law enforcement regarding illegal aliens. “As governor, I simply will not allow CJD grant funding administered by this office to support law enforcement agencies that refuse to cooperate with a federal law enforcement program […]

Gov. Abbott Says Sanctuary Cities Won’t Be Tolerated in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott fired back quickly after Dallas sheriff Lupe Valdez announced she would now consider cooperation with ICE to be on a “case by case” basis. “’Sanctuary City’ policies like those promoted by your recent decision to implement your own case-by-case immigrant detention plan will no longer be tolerated in Texas,” Abbott began. […]

Scott Walker: Gov Would Send Navy if Illegals Were Swarming Seaports Instead of Border

Leading GOP Presidential contender Gov. Scott Walker talked tough on illegal immigration over the Memorial Day weekend. In an interview with, Walker described his trip to the Southern Border with Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas This is a matter of national security. This is truly a matter national sovereignty, in that if we were […]

Scott Walker Doubles Down on Immigration

Scott Walker has a mixed history when it comes to illegal immigration. He backed the Kennedy-McCain amnesty back in 2006 and as late as 2013 supported a “path to citizenship” for illegals and opposed increased border security. More recently, as chatter of Walker as a Presidential candidate heated up, he’s sounded more and more like an […]