Speaker: Message isn’t anti-immigrant, ‘it’s pro-American’

They Come to America
Pilot Tribune — Lynch set out to create a documentary about immigration, leading to a second film about the subject. Lynch told the crowd the idea for his first film, “They Come to America,” was spurred by a man who stood on the side of the road every morning for five years holding an anti-immigration sign. That guy told Lynch, “I’m not leaving until they leave.”

People focus on the topic of other humans coming to the United States for a better life, but the issue is a bit deeper than that. Some illegal immigrants who come into the states are not here for a better life, but to do harm or take advantage of the drug, slave, and human trafficking trade existing inside American borders, the filmmaker points out.

The example that sums up Lynch’s idea relates to airplane safety, he says. A parent is always supposed to put the oxygen mask on first before placing one over their child. The reason is because the parent needs to be able to help the child and can’t do so without helping themselves first. Lynch says Americans needs to help themselves by not passing an amnesty law or Obamacare.

Lynch says America needs to know “who is in our country and who is where.” At this point they don’t… [Read More]

PHOTO SOURCE: They Come to America