Refugee Status for Illegal Alien Children is a Myth

Commentary from Jim Gilchrist

Refugee Status for Illegal Alien Children is a Myth

Dear Americans and Legal U. S. Residents,

The 63,000 illegal alien children from Central America are not the political refugees they say they are. Nor are they fleeing into the USA because of violence in their homelands. Those are myths broadcasted by the supporters of the illegal alien invasion. Less than 10% of the countries they are migrating from are embroiled in intra-mural warfare.

These children could easily be relocated to any of the many peaceful areas in their own territories. They are being deliberately migrated to the USA by criminal cartels who charge from $5, 000 to $25,000 per head to smuggle them in.

That’s big money for the criminal human smuggling empires operating from Latin America and from within the USA. It also helps the Democratic Party illegally build a future voting base.

Also, the perception that America is the place to go, at will, if you want to plunder it’s supposed bottomless cornucopia of welfare benefit programs is an attractive magnet for the impoverished populations of these countries.

But, the problem is that the “bottomless cornucopia” is also a myth. Eventually, the taxpayer-funded money will run out…already has…go figure why we have had to borrow over $16 trillion from foreign nations to keep our bills paid.

Our political leaders, for decades, have tried to make the United States appear to be all things, to all people, in all places, at all times around the world. Meanwhile, those same leaders have compromised their ability to be truly representative of any thing, to any one, in any place, at any time to the electorate of the United States.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project