Obama: ‘With Or Without Help From Congress. I Am Not Done Making Real Change’

Breitbart — Organizing for America is letting Americans know that President Obama remains in denial about the Republican tidal wave that soundly rejected his policies last week. “With or without help from Congress, I’m not done making real change for the American people,” the president wrote in a new email, just three days after a similar email from the Democratic National Committee.
Obama also echoed a theme he touched on in his post-election press conference in which he oddly claimed that he had not only heard the voters, he had also heard the two-thirds of Americans who had not voted on Tuesday. “The elected officials I’ll work with in the last two years of my presidency need to be reminded that people like you aren’t going away,” the president asserted in Monday’s email. Friday’s email, in which the president wrote: “the Republicans had a good night on Tuesday… but… we had better results,” suggested Obama was unable to comprehend the reality of the political drubbing he and the Democratic Party took last week. This new email also suggests that the president intends to provoke a constitutional crisis by exceeding his constitutional authority and implementing policies that require statutory authority from Congress. [Read More]