Obama Angling to Wipe Out All Immigration Laws

Political consultant Dick Morris raises the specter of President Obama using international trade treaty negotiations to completely wipe out all American immigration laws.

Morris notes President Obama is currently negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement with a host of Pacific Rim nations.

Obama is keeping the specifics of the negotiations secret so there is no way to know exactly what the President has offered or has said he would accept.

However, he still must address Constitutional niceties and have his handiwork ratified by Congress.

Right now, many in the Republican party are pushing to give Obama what is called “fast track negotiating power” for the TPP.

This would mean the President could add anything he wanted to the agreement, which will likely run for thousands of pages, and Congress would have to accept or reject the treaty as a whole.  In other words, it would not be possible to amend the treaty in any way. Congress would be under immense pressure to accept whatever the President included in the treaty.

Morris indicates Obama will include provisions in the treaty, which in this case would have essentially the force of a Constitutional amendment, to allow the free flow of labor from Mexico, Central America and any other treaty signatory.

In one fell swoop, illegal immigration would be wiped out and the border of the U.S. eliminated for all intents and purposes.

Morris informs that Fast Track is a Republican idea and many of the GOP leadership endorse TPP and Fast Track.  Opposition mostly comes from labor union-orientated Democrats.