Minuteman Friend – King Gets Down To Business

WHO-TV – The 113th Congress of the United States is just getting into gear, but Iowa Representative Steve King wasted no time proposing major legislation. King wants to change the U.S. Constitution by targeting the 14th Amendment. In particular, he wants to change the citizenship clause which says, “All persons born or naturalized in the […]

Happy New Year From The Minutemen

MMP Exclusive – From Jim Gilchrist and fellow Minutemen at the Minuteman Project: Happy New Year to the Minuteman everywhere! Ronald Reagan’s National Day of Prayer thoughts in 1988 offer a wonderful sentiment to start our new year, a year that may be one of the most tumultuous in the our history: “Let us join […]

Spencer: Your Last Chance

Glenn Spencer, MMP Exclusive – It has been more than twenty years since I coined the phrase “Importing Poverty” to describe the influx of illegal aliens into Los Angeles. In today’s WND, Pat Buchanan describes how poor Hispanics really are and how this weds them to the Democrat Party. Obama knew this almost better than […]