More Military Bases Asked to Provide Facilities for Illegal Aliens

BREITBART — MURRIETA — As the border crisis continues, the Department of Defense is requesting that additional military bases make housing facilities and land available to accommodate a continued influx of illegal alien children. According to information provided exclusively to Breitbart through a source requesting anonymity, Major General John T. Winters has specifically requested installation support for the Department of Homeland Security to provide temporary housing to unaccompanied alien children. The request requires bases to report any facilities across the U.S. that meet the following minimum specifications: a 24,000 square foot building, 15 acres of land “level and clear,” and access to utilities. The information is due to be reported by Wednesday afternoon, July 9. When contacted by Breitbart News, Defense Department spokesman Air Force Lt. Col. Thomas Crosson confirmed the new military requests. Asked precisely how many bases are needed, Lt. Col. Crosson responded:“however many is needed to provide HHS with the mutually agreed upon amount of bed space.” [Read More]