Minuterman President Blasts NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio for Encouraging More “Illegal” Immigration

Commentary by Jim Gilchrist — Dear Americans,
The following is my response to NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio in the wake of his decision to stop deportations of illegal aliens. MY comments are quite fiery and are not intended for faint-of-heart, worrisome hand-wringers. Encouraging the illegal alien invasion of the United States is a serious issue, that, in my opinion, borders on treason.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is an insult to all law-abiding citizens, anyone who pays taxes, and anyone who ever served in America’s armed forces.

This idiot for a mayor refers to the separation of illegal alien children from their illegal alien family members as some kind of horrific situation. But, that is exactly what our country does to millions of Americans each year when we imprison or jail them for breaking our laws.

Mayor Bill De Blasio is nothing but a gutless, cowardly excuse for political governance…something America has had too much of for the past four decades.

If this delusional and arrogant mayor wants to give the millions of illegal aliens who have invaded our country free reign, then he should also do the same for the three million citizens in our jails and prisons. Fair is fair.

Mayor De Blasio, you are a disgusting heap of hot air and I deeply regret that 72 men in my Marine infantry company died during my combat tour in Vietnam back in 1968 and ’69 supposedly fighting for self-serving cowards like you. What an undeniable waste of six dozen really good young American men.

Maybe when someone you care about is killed by an illegal alien (which occurs to about 7,000 American residents each year) then you might comprehend why nation’s have enforced immigration laws.

Until then, I hope your tenure as mayor of NYC is miserable. Mindless, heartless beasts deserve nothing else.

I rest my case.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project