Minuteman Project Reloads for Amnesty Fight

Laguna Hills, CA – February 26, 2013 – Jim Gilchrist, president of the Minuteman Project, is pleased to announce the introduction of its new website at www.minutemanproject.com.

“The new site combines advanced features and a smart new look to help us re-energize our base for operations against those in federal and state government who appear committed to relinquish our nation’s sovereignty, dismantle the rule of law, and cheapen American citizenship,” Gilchrist said.

“We have engaged a new team of web specialists who bring decades of experience in internet technology, publishing, and marketing to the Minuteman Project,” said Gilchrist.

Linda and Nathan Muller of Smethport, Pennsylvania, not only produce excellent websites, they are political activists, Gilchrist noted. Over the years, Linda has earned numerous media accolades for her campaign websites, while Nathan has written 29 technology books and over 3,000 articles in 75 publications worldwide.

“Equally important,” Gilchrist added, “they are knowledgeable about immigration issues, have street-level success in pushing back initiatives to aid illegal aliens, and they effectively brought about a 287(g) immigration law enforcement program to a community and Police Chief who were initially hostile to the idea.”

“With the push toward amnesty in Washington, it just made sense to reach out to people who I trust will sincerely help me bring continued national awareness to our nation’s illegal alien crisis. This team has my complete confidence to act in the best interests of the Minuteman Project and the people of the United States of America,” Gilchrist said.

Jim Gilchrist founded the multi-ethnic Minuteman Project on October 1, 2004 after years of frustrated efforts trying to get a neglectful U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws.

Additional information about Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project, Inc. can be found on its website at www.minutemanproject.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.