Dear Americans,
Recently, Hillary Clinton joined forces with the Trump-hating fanatics.

So, now ol’ Hillary has allied herself with the Trump-haters in the Republican Party in the concerted effort by both the Republicans and Democrats to eliminate Donald Trump from the 2016 presidential race. Fat chance.

While Mr. McCain is certainly a war hero, he has been a horrible representative of the American people in his position as a federal senator. Senator McCain’s reputation in the eyes of the public is dismal, and he has fought alongside Hillary Clinton and ‘her’ Democrats to stop enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. He really should be a member of the Democrat Party, since he talks their talk and walks their walk.

As a combat-wounded Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War myself, I commend Senator McCain for his heroic naval air service in that war. But, I have to side with the critics of Sen. McCain for what appears to be his reckless disregard for the interests of the United States and its society during his unfortunate tenure in public office. McCain was a heroic fighter pilot, but a dismal disappointment as a politician, especially as a Republican.

I think my opinions reflect the true intentions of Mr. Trump’s comments. Trump has always spoken proudly of all veterans. It sounds to me that Mr. Trump was counter attacking those selfish and irrational members of the Republican Party who have launched an all-out attack on his aspiration to be our next president.

Donald Trump will gain more supporters as a result of the fact that both “mainstream” political parties (Dems and Repubs) have now declared war on someone whose popularity is soaring.

Once again, the elite members of “mainstream” politics puts the interests of the citizens of the United States into an inferior position.

Just what is it about Trump’s popularity do the “mainstream” media and the “mainstream” political parties not get? Perhaps the electorate have finally found a candidate who will speak what is on every rational person’s mind.

Political correctness is over, America!

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project