Michelle Malkin defends injunction against Obama’s amnesty

More often than not, when liberals disagree with something they automatically resort to personally attacking the opposition. That was certainly the case on Tuesday night’s edition of The Kelly File, when liberal professor Mark Hannah chose to attack Americans who uphold the rule of law rather than logically discuss the legal specifics of the federal court injunction ordered against Barack Obama’s executive amnesty. Unfortunately for Hannah, Michelle Malkin was also a guest on the show — and she tore him a new one:

“I hate it when open borders advocates and activists get away with this inflammatory language that somehow those of us who believe in the rule of law want to throw every last illegal alien into some cattle car. This is the most generous country in the world, sir. We issue one million green cards every single year, 70,000 permits to people who apply for asylum, 500,000 foreign student visas, 700,000 work permits for both skilled and unskilled labor. This is the most generous country in the world and I am sick and tired of hearing Obama and all of his acolytes, including you, raise the specter that somehow we’ve built all of these wire fences and nobody is getting in and what a terrible humanitarian tragedy it is. The Fifth Circuit came down on the side of the public interest,” Malkin said.

Watch the exchange below: