Limbaugh: Obama’s Border Patrol Now Taxpayer-Funded Coyotes!

TEAPARTY — BEGIN TRANSCRIPT: RUSH: Let me get this straight. I need to understand something. The news media and even congressmen are being prevented from seeing what’s going on down on the border and in the numerous processing centers around the country, out of concern, of course, for the safety of the illegal alien children. That’s right. Now, meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegals invent families. I told you this was going to happen. I remember when I did mention this that a number of people thought, “Come on, Rush, that’s not what’s happening.” I don’t understand, after 25 years people still doubt me. I don’t think it’s really doubting me. I’ve really come to believe that people still have a tough time accepting exactly who Obama is and exactly what his plans are. So, for instance, I mentioned anybody could figure out that 55 or 60,000 kids don’t just happen to coincidentally… [Read More]