Jerry Brown: Illegal Immigrant Driver’s Licenses ‘Only the First Step’

Jerry Brown: Illegal Immigrant Driver's Licenses
Breibart — California joins New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington, among other states, and Gov. Brown made it clear he hopes other states follow California’s footsteps, calling the law “only the first step” and hoping it inspires other states to follow. That all depends on what the new burden on California’s Department of Motor Vehicles will be—in human terms, an estimated 1.4 million new drivers, according to the LA Times. The Times adds that the DMV is considering opening up to six new offices to handle these numbers within three years.

The reception to the idea in states already granting these limited-use driver’s licenses is mixed. Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico has ardently advocated for the repeal of the law, arguing that it serves as a magnet for illegal immigrants from other states who come to New Mexico and fraudulently acquire them…. [Read More]