Is the Democrat Strategy Stuffed Ballots, Rigged Voting Machines, and Illegal Aliens Voting?

Examiner — With the election just under two weeks away, evidence of rampant Democrat voter fraud is already pouring in. First, it was surveillance cameras catching a liberal activist apparently stuffing hundreds of ballots at a polling place in Arizona (as I noted on Tuesday). According to Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman A.J. LaFaro, a liberal activist wearing a “Citizens for a Better Arizona” T-shirt walked in while poll workers were on an extended lunch and started shoving piles of ballots into the ballot box.
Then, it was Illinois state representative candidate Jim Moynihan voting early for himself and other Republicans only to notice vote-after-vote being switched to Democratic candidates by the machine. According to the web site Illinois Watchdog, Cook County Board of Elections representative Jim Scalzitti insists that every vote being switched to a Democratic candidate is a “calibration error.” And now, it is Obama’s amnestied illegal immigrants registering to vote. According to the Winston-Salem Journal of North Carolina, State Board of Elections (SBOE) officials recently uncovered 145 names on their voter rolls that belonged to illegal immigrants who were recently granted “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) status by Obama. These would be people who have no legal right whatsoever to vote in our elections, but who are now registered to vote. [Read More]