In-state College Tuition and “Dream Resource Centers” for California’s Illegals

caliOver 100 Californian state universities and community colleges will be required to establish “Dream Resource Centers” on campus for illegal immigrant students if a new bill is enacted.

According to the text of the bill, the purpose of constructing such centers is to increase enrollment and graduation rates among students who meet the requirements of AB 540—a state law passed in 2001 granting in-state tuition at public universities throughout the state to illegal aliens who attended California high schools for a minimum of three years.

“It is important as the undocumented student population continues to grow they are given the support needed,” Assemblywoman Patty Lopez (D-District 39) said in a recent statement. “By establishing Dream Resource Centers, students will be able to focus more on their academic goals and less on administrative and social barriers.”

At least six universities in the state, including but not limited to UC Davis, UCLA, Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Northridge have already debuted their own specialized centers for illegal immigrants. In late May, Cal State Los Angeles received a $1.6 million private endowment to open its own Dream Success Center.

Illegal immigrants in California can already receive in-state tuition and state-funded student aid. Furthermore, democratic lawyers are proposing work-study programs only for illegal immigrants to expand their financial assistance.