Immigrant Population in GA Approaches 1 Million

AJC — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia’s foreign-born population grew by 5 percent over the last five years, new census estimates show. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of Georgia residents who were born in other countries increased by 50,598, from 920,381 to 970,979. Last year, they represented 9.7 percent of the state’s overall population of 9.9 million.
Of Georgia’s foreign-born residents, 38.7 percent are naturalized U.S. citizens and the rest are not citizens. Here’s a breakdown of where they were born, excluding those who were born at sea:

Latin America: 51.8 percent

Asia: 28.2 percent

Europe: 9.3 percent

Africa: 8.7 percent

Northern America: 1.8 percent

Islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean: .2 percent

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