Immigrant Group Involved in Fargo Park Brawl

crime scene tapePolice are searching for people involved in an immigrant group fight at Lindenwood Park in Fargo, North Dakota. According to police reports, the fight started at a birthday party in the park. The fight escalated when someone smashed a car’s windows with a crow bar.

“You know when you get different new American groups from different ethnic backgrounds from different areas, sometimes they come here with those cultural disputes between the groups, and likely that’s what we are seeing here,” says Lt. Michael Mitchell with the Fargo Police Department.

After the brawl, Fargo Police are reevaluating their surveillance of the park. Fargo is home to many families with young children, and parents are unhappy with the increase in crime.

“This is where [kids] want to come and run around and feel safe,” says Angie Behr, a mom to two kids.

She takes them to Lindenwood Park a lot, and says she sees a lot of “sketchy” things happening. “I definitely think there are some things that are happening in the park that could be stopped, and I don’t know how often it is paroled. I haven’t seen a cop drive through here very often.”

Police were initially called to the park because the birthday party was drinking alcohol against park rules. They do not believe the brawl was gang-related.