Illegals storm DMV for driver’s licenses

The California DMV handed out over 75,000 driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in just the first month of 2015 thanks to President Obama’s illegal executive action on amnesty.

If Obama’s plan isn’t stopped, a projected 1.4 million illegal immigrants will get driver’s licenses over the next three years.

Get a load of how the San Jose Mercury News turns it into our fault that criminal illegal aliens are on fragile ground while they reside illegally in the United States:

Many Latino activists and scholars say the legal battle to stop Obama’s immigration order only emphasizes the fragile ground that those in the country illegally stand on.

Obama’s executive action was clearly designed to plug millions of illegals into the welfare and voting communities:

“This ruling makes it even more important for people to apply for driver’s licenses, because they provide a sense of relief and legitimacy in the undocumented immigrant community,” said Marcos Pizarro, chairman of the Mexican American Studies Department at San Jose State.

Obviously it would give a criminal a sense of relief and legitimacy for law enforcement to say there is no penalty for committing the crime you have committed.

Obama’s edict overturned California law which had set a strict standard for getting driver’s licenses:

In the early ’90s, the state passed two landmark laws: One called for license applicants to produce valid Social Security numbers, and another made the applicants prove their “legal presence” in the country.

Giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses is the proverbial “camel’s nose under the tent” to eventually giving illegal amnesty. It makes it harder to know who’s in this country illegally and acts as a magnet for more illegal immigrants.