Illegals Claim Asylum & Open Treasure Trove of Taxpayer-Provided Benefits

If you utter the magic word at the U.S. border, you unlock a treasure trove of taxpayer-provided benefits and get a engraved invitation to stay as long as you like.

That word is asylum and a recently uncovered DHS report shows 70% of asylum claims made by illegal immigrants are either totally or partly fraudulent.  Despite this fact, over 90% of asylum claims are approved and the rest are usually overturned on appeal.

Under current policy, aliens caught crossing the border illegally can claim asylum, and with it receive authorization to work in the United States. Once a work permit is conferred , then comes a social security card and a variety of taxpayer funded benefits such as are Supplemental Security Income, SNAP/Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Medicaid.Some of which even legal, permanent residents do not receive.

The standard used by the Obama Administration and the courts is called “creditable fear.” An illegal immigrant merely has to say they have a “creditable fear” of returning to their own country and they can stay.

Under the Obama regime, “creditable fear” claims have skyrocketed an unimaginable 586%!

The misapplication of “credible fear” and lack of detention are not only breaches of law according to Jan Ting, a law professor at Temple University. Ting said the expanding definition of “who is legal” puts the entire system in jeopardy.

“Asylum is the trump card of immigration,” said Ting. “Credible fear was an informal procedure intended to keep people out, what’s its doing now is letting people in. People have learned the right words and phrases whether true or not.”

According to Ting, poverty and violence are not grounds for asylum and officials are watering down and misapplying the basic threshold.

“A natural disaster or flood of bullets flying around your neighborhood doesn’t meet the standard,” said Ting. “If the government wanted to deter illegal immigration, they would alter the cost-benefit analysis. Instead, they are looking for ways to help them stay.”

The House Judiciary Committee is considering legislation to tighten this massive loophole in immigration law.  In addition, the bill will stop President Obama from spending $50 million taxpayer dollars on legal representation for illegal alien asylum seekers.