Illegal Immigrants Treated Better Than Homeless in US

BREITBART — Thousands of immigrants, most of whom are children from Central America, entering the U.S. illegally are overwhelming federal resources. Reacting to what has been labeled a “humanitarian crisis,” U.S. taxpayers are providing the illegal immigrants with housing, food, education, health care, recreation, vocational training, family unification, and even legal council. In the face of providing such amenities to the migrants, there are hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens–including families and children–who remain without a home or food. The treatment and services being provided to the youthful immigrants brings to question the attention, or lack thereof, being given to our own homeless and starving populations. That is not to say that welfare programs, many of which are already bloated, should be further expanded for U.S. citizens. Rather, it calls into question the Obama Administration’s priorities–are illegal immigrants a higher priority for this administration than struggling U.S. citizens? [Read More]