Heartbreaking Testimony from Parents With Son Brutally Murdered by Illegal

Dan and Julie Golvach testified before the subcommittee of the Texas Senate Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee about the effect Obama’s Open Borders policy had on their lives when their son Spencer was shot in the head by an illegal alien who had been deported numerous times.

Golvach testified that his son “played by the rules,” held two jobs, had employees and paid a lot of taxes. He said “This is what his federal government did to him, did for him –nothing.” Golvach told the subcommittee “they’re not following the laws and the ramification of that is that I have a dead son.” He said it was “the constitutional duty” of elected officials to protect Americans, but he has a dead son because officials are not performing their duty.

Julie Golvach told the Senators that the loss of her son has been “completely catastrophic.” She added, “I no longer feel comfortable in my own country” and, that it is a “frightening reality that our borders are not secured.”

You can see the Golvach’s testimony here:

The subcommittee also heard testimony from former Air Force reservist Pedro Rivera.

He told the Senators that Latinos do not want to throw out the laws, and the media does not want to hear this. He added, “It is not a Latino issue. It is an American issue.” The retired Air Force Reservist said he was an “American first” who was there to “represent the American-first Latinos.”

Rivera wore a shirt with a photograph of Drew Rosenberg on it. Rosenberg was a young man who was killed in California in 2010 when he was on his way home from school. Rosenberg was run over and over, three times. Rivera told the Senators that 5,000 people where killed the same year by illegal aliens. He said “Our families are not safe. We need to protect our families. I want to protect your family.”


The illegal alien crime wave is accelerating.  In a leaked report, the Texas Department of Public Safety accounted for crimes committed by those who have snuck into the country illegally.

Illegal aliens apprehended in Texas in 2014 numbered 313,100. Department of Homeland Security statistics reveal that more than 96,000 illegal aliens were arrested for criminal offenses and jailed between June 2011 and December 2014 in Texas alone. The crimes – 561 homicides, 27,588 assaults, 8,984 burglaries, 31,154 drug charges, 394 kidnappings, 17,133 thefts, 23,476 obstructing law enforcement charges, 1,972 robberies, 2,836 sexual assaults, and 3,770 weapons charges.  The Report stated that these numbers are likely an undercount of all the crime in Texas committed by illegal aliens.

Likely an undercount is likely an understatement.  No doubt the mainstream media will play up the plight of illegal aliens both here and on the way.  But somehow, they never seem to find the time to report on real Americans who have suffered real tragedies because of lax border enforcement.