Feds Free More Illegal Aliens, States Pass Laws to Help Them

Second Generation Immigrants Commit More Crimes Than Their ParentsJudicial Watch — While the latest Homeland Security figures reveal a sharp decline in immigration enforcement—more illegal aliens are being released in the U.S. than arrested—states across the nation are passing laws to accommodate those who should be deported.

It’s a combined state-federal movement aimed at helping illegal immigrants assimilate in this country. The feds do their part by failing miserably to remove the undocumented and, rather than crack down on the offenders, states reward them with rights that should be reserved for legal residents and citizens. It’s a lawlessness that’s striking every corner of the country.

Let’s start with the feds. Though the Obama administration claims it’s enforcing immigration laws, that’s hardly the case. The Homeland Security agency responsible for doing this, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), now releases more illegal aliens than it arrests and removals have declined more than 35% since 2009. The alarming information was published this week… [Read More]