Exclusive–Jeff Sessions: No Senator Should Vote for Holder Replacement Who Doesn’t ‘Firmly Reject’ Executive Amnesty

Breitbart — Senate Budget Commitee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Breitbart News exclusively that the replacement for the outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder should publicly “firmly reject” President Barack Obama’s planned executive amnesty, or every U.S. Senator should vote against him or her. Sessions noted that the Senate Democrats have played as a team to protect Obama’s planned executive amnesty—something the president delayed until after the upcoming midterm election so as to not hurt vulnerable Senate Democrats seeking re-election—but if the president carries through with his plans it would cause an even greater surge in illegal immigration. “This illegal executive amnesty—which the Senate Democrat Caucus has worked together to protect—would destroy immigration enforcement in America,” Sessions said. “It would wipe away the moral authority for our immigration laws and invite a flood of new illegal immigration.” [Read More]