Effective number of illegal aliens

Commentary by Minuteman Project President Jim Gilchrist

Dear Americans,

The actual effective number of illegal aliens who will be amnestied is more like 31 to 33 MILLION who currently reside on U.S. territory, according to my personal estimate, which is based on the estimated accumulated number who have flowed into our country undeterred by border patrol.

Our political governors, too cowardly to enforce our immigration laws, would like us to think there are only five million illegals in the U.S. That is a myth that the administrations, both current and past, would like the so-called “stupid” electorate to believe.

However, as soon as Obama amnesties the five million, then out of “the shadows” will come another 25 to 28 million who will demand amnesty, since the government has just set a precedent that may be irreversible.

After those tens of millions are awarded amnesty, then the problem of the chaotic and reckless disregard for U.S. immigration laws will be compounded ten fold as several hundred million more illegal aliens will just migrate into the USA at will. The protocol will be clear: if you get into the USA, then you will never be deported because the so-called “stupid” Americans don’t enforce immigration laws. Come one, come all…let’s take over the USA via an overwhelming tsunami of illegal aliens literally invading that country with little or no resistance.

Think about it. It can happen here, and it will happen here, unless we return our nation back under the rule of law, as opposed to the mob rule (illegal alien population) and the tyranny (Obama’s personal executive order amnesty) of a despotic president.

In all fairness, past presidents have been almost as irresponsible on the issue of unenforced immigration laws. We have not had a president who took immigration policy and its law enforcement serious since President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1952 – 1960).
The united states is rapidly becoming a Latin American nation. Soon, bills will be introduced into Congress attempting to make Spanish equal to English as the common language of the nation. Illinois Congressman Luis Guiterez, a close personal friend of Obama, will lead the charge introducing that bill. Get ready to “press one for English” in just about every facit of your day-to-day activity.