Don’t Let Obama’s ‘Massive Unilateral Amnesty’ Go Through

Breitbart — In a message to the American people, the president of the union representing 12,000 United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) adjudicators and personnel is warning about President Obama’s plans for executive amnesty. The statement, obtained in advance by Breitbart News, finds National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council president Kenneth Palinkas highlighting the recent USCIS draft solicitation for materials for up to 34 million green cards and work authorizations. According to Palinkas, the solicitation “predicts the Administration’s promised executive amnesty,” which he said the American people should reject. “This massive unilateral amnesty is slated to be issued after the November 2014 elections. Efforts by members of the Senate to block this action were stopped in their tracks by 52 Senators who, on July 31st, defeated a legislative maneuver to prohibit the President’s actions,” Palinkas said in the statement. “That is why this statement is intended for the public: if you care about your immigration security and your neighborhood security, you must act now to ensure that Congress stops this unilateral amnesty,” he continued. “Let your voice be heard and spread the word to your neighbors. We who serve in our nation’s immigration agencies are pleading for your help – don’t let this happen. Express your concern to your Senators and Congressmen before it is too late.” Palinkas, a vocal opponent of amnesty and the Senate-immigration bill, highlighted the government policies that have served to make adjudication officers’ jobs more difficult and Americans less safe. He further revealed plans to waive certain applicant interviews. [Read More]