[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]Thank you for your support! The dangers posed by President Obama and his increasingly unconstitutional Executive Orders are immense.

Help me wrest America away from Barack Obama and his band of Far Left radicals. We must put our lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line, just like our Founding Fathers did over 200 years ago.

Please send your most generous contribution to help me and the Minuteman Project save our America.

Please know that whatever you can afford will be a great help to this effort. If you can, please send $1,500, or $1,000 or $500, or $250 or $100, or even $50 or $35 or $25. But please, whatever you can send, know that it will be well and frugally used in this critical plan to hold the President accountable.

Thank you for all your support. And may God Bless America.




Jim Gilchrist

President and Founder, The Minuteman Project

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