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Obama not only wants to wipe out Thanksgiving and replace it with Celebrate Immigrants Day! He’s also secretly plotting to create “New Americans” out of millions of illegal aliens and place them in separate “countries within countries” right here in the United States. Oh and by the way, YOU will pay for everything . . . welfare, doctor bills, food and shelter all through your taxes.

So please, whether it’s $1,000, $100 or $10, you must know that each and every cent will be wisely used in this massive battle to defeat, defund and destroy Obama’s insane plan to plant illegal immigrant colonies that will rise up and destroy our America from the inside.

Special 10-year Anniversary Coin Medal Donation Gift

MMP Coin 2This is such an important Appeal that if you donate $150 or more, I will send you a very special commemorative coin medal as a token of my deep appreciation. I had these medals struck back in 2005 and each one carries our unique Minuteman Project message, “The Power of Change Through the Power of Peace.”


MMP Coin a

 I have just a few of these very special coin medals left and they will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis. These coins are of great sentimental value. 2005 was the year that America awoke to the threat of illegal alien invasion.

Every time I look at one of these special coins, my vigor is renewed and I strive even harder to save our America from drowning under the tidal wave of illegal immigration.

(Donations of $10 or more will receive a Minuteman Project bumper sticker as my special thank you.)

Thank you for all your support. And may God Bless America.




Jim Gilchrist

President and Founder, The Minuteman Project

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