Donate – 2016 Straw Poll For President

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]Thank you! The results of our 2016 Straw Poll for President will be shared with all branches of the national news media, the candidates’ campaign offices, and the national parties.

Our mission is only as strong as those who stand with us. Your support makes all the difference.
Please help The Minuteman Project defend our borders. Whether it’s $2,000, $200 or $20, please know we will use it wisely in our battle to protect our nation.

Remember! For every donation of $10 or more you will receive our very special Secure the Border bumper sticker. Your very own piece of Minuteman Project bumper swag!


Thank you for all your support. And God Bless America.




Jim Gilchrist

President and Founder, The Minuteman Project


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