DHS agent: Murder ‘is coming to a town near you’

Friday, 36-year-old U.S. Border Patrol agent Javier Vega was murdered in cold blood in front of his wife, his parents, two of his sons, and another child in the Rio Grande Valley. He was off-duty, and had been enjoying a family fishing trip when they were ambushed and robbed; his father was also shot in the chaos, but survived. The suspects are two illegal Mexican nationals from Matamoros. Thankfully, they were captured over the weekend. But in the wake of Vega’s horrific murder an anonymous Department of Homeland Security agent working in South Texas has confided to Michelle Malkin that the federal government isn’t doing anything to keep these horrible acts of violence from occurring. On the contrary, the feds are allowing it to continue:

The men and women sworn to provide border security — instead of just talking about it — don’t have time for Washington games and politically correct niceties. “A lot of politicians come down here,” my DHS correspondent says. “They talk about securing the border, but they leave us with our hands tied.” He shares his experiences patrolling vast swaths of the Rio Grande Valley with no backup. He talks about wasted resources and the deportation charade. “They get their papers served, and then they just disappear.”

Both parties are to blame for the endless cycle of amnesty, catch and release, and bloodshed, he tells me. The latest border surge, catalyzed by Obama’s systemic nonenforcement and bipartisan-enabled benefits magnets, keeps DHS first responders overwhelmed by design.

“They keep doing the same thing over and over again,” he points out, “and it doesn’t work.”

Indeed, bleeding-heart liberals are more concerned with treating illegals “humanely” than they are with the safety of American citizens. If this cycle is allowed to continue, as the DHS agent warns, the “war zone” at the border could very well come “to a town near you.”