Deportations Plummet After Obama’s Amnesty

The early numbers are in and Obama’s immigration enforcement actions are looking like a complete failure.

The numbers for the first six months of fiscal year 2015, which began Oct. 1, are striking: The government has deported just 117,181 immigrants, which is just three-quarters of the 157,365 immigrations kicked out during that same period a year earlier, according to figures provided to Congress.

Overall, deportations are down a stunning 41 percent in the last three years — and the drop began almost exactly at the beginning of Mr. Obama’s 2012 temporary deportation amnesty for so-called Dreamers.

President Obama would argue his executive actions are designed to root out criminal illegal aliens and make sure they get sent packing. However, it looks like he’s once again missed the boat.

Through April 4, 2015, the government had kicked out about 68,000 criminals, down 30 percent from the approximately 96,500 criminals deported during the same period a year earlier.

Now, President Obama may have an excuse for his woeful immigration law enforcement numbers: he’s being stymied by hundreds of state and local government which are refusing to help enforce federal immigration law.

Ms. Christensen also said her agency has been stymied by the more than 200 states, cities and counties that have passed laws and ordinances preventing police from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. ICE counts thousands of immigrants that localities have refused to hold for ICE agents to come pick up.

“When laws and ordinances are passed limiting the use of detainers, ICE must expend additional staff and resources to develop and execute operations to locate and arrest convicted criminals at large,” she said.

ICE caved to local pressure and, as part of Mr. Obama’s new November amnesty, scrapped its program that asked locales to hold illegal immigrants for pickup once they’ve cleared processing. Many of those municipalities had said they believed it was unconstitutional for them to hold people on immigration charges.

Obama can’t claim he doesn’t have the funds necessary to fulfill his oath of office to faithfully execute the Offfice of President.

Homeland Security and ICE officials have said they are budgeted to deport about 400,000 people a year, but they are on pace to deport less than 250,000 in fiscal year 2015.

It looks like Barack Obama can easily refute the radical National Council of La Raza’s leader who called him “deporter-in-chief.”